The snood

Ah the snood. That fleshy protuberance that hangs down over a wild turkeys beak. On males Turkeys the snood can grows up to 5 inches in length. When a male is trying to impress a female the snood turns bright red and elongates even further. The males with the longest, brightest snoods tend to attract the most mates.

Here two males are in full display mode however it is curious that one of the males snoods is blue the other red.

While mature female turkeys develop a short snood three evolutionary function remains a mystery.


Memory is a funny thing. What was a moment of reflection becomes a reflection of a reflection.

Seasons pass and come again blurring into one.

A season that never came.

A season that never left.

Places you’ve been seem close yet far and never how they are.

Yes, memory is a quite peculiar thing.


Just last week a Tom Turkey decided to wander through the neighborhood and although he only had a single female admirer in tow that didn’t stop this handsome guy from displaying his wares.

Over the course of about fifteen minutes we were also privy to his show. Each display period only lasted a few seconds or so but boy what a show.

From a remarkable collection of feathers and unique anatomical features Wild Turkeys are fascinating birds.