Mantid Sunday

We typically see only a few Preying Mantis each summer either while out hiking or in our garden. Last week, while out on a hike, we saw numerous Mantids and each one matched the specific grasses they resided in. The Mantid above was in grasses that were a mix of green and brown and the Mantid was green and brown.

While the Mantid above resided in fresh green grass.

This Mantids above were right at home in a field of brown.

We even got a look at one Mantid hanging upside down.

Photographed in Denver, CO

Prickly Poppies

Prickly Poppies are a wonderful wildflower to have around. On our daily walks we can rest assured we will find some in bloom. Once found,  we can stop for a moment and enjoy the show as beetles, bees and ants do their work pollinating these delicate flowers. Even now, as fall approaches and most of the other wildflowers have lost their blooms, a few Prickly Poppies are still going strong.

They a treat for they eyes, like little whipped cream sundaes with a cherries on top.

Those little prickles protect such delicate yet tough flowers.

I am looking forward to see how long they continue blooming into the fall.

Denver, CO


A metallic Blue Beatle munching away on the last green leaves of the season. When the flowers fade away, the birds have all flown south, the mammals are few and far between the insects are just a bit easier to see.

Grasshopper resting on a nice patch of Yarrow.

We found this to be a peculiar looking fly perched upon one of our favorite late summer wildflowers…Pearly Everlasting.

Wold Spider with Babies on Board

Yes, I hear you, bugs as a title is perhaps a bit derogatory and in no way a fitting title for the above insects but this guy below…?

I am not quite where what this fellow is but the word bug does seem apropos.