Red-naped Sapsucker

It was one of those days days where you can hear the pecking from afar. A noise from high atop the trees peaking your curiosity as to who is up there. A Downy, a Hairy?

On this afternoon it was an unexpected visitor a handsome Red-naped Sapsucker. While not extremely uncommon they are a species we only see a few times a year which made all that neck-craning and staring into the sun all the more worthwhile.

Like a ghost

It was nice to see this Great Horned Owl perching silently nearby. While we typically hear them more than see them the forests nearby have recently fallen silent to their hoots and we were afraid they had vanished.

A reassuring sight if only for a moment.

After some technological as well as inspirational challenges we are glad to be back and hope to return to our regular routine on the blog. Thanks for your continued support and interest.