Weather up the Road.

Weather up the Road.

This year the afternoon showers seemed to have returned on a regular basis, greening things up, but more importantly a sense of rhythm to the day that was absent over the last few years when the showers were infrequent. Weather adding a beat to the rhythm of life. Photographed while driving a quiet road near Walden, CO.

21 thoughts on “Weather up the Road.

    1. I agree BW expresses the nature of these isolated showers on the open landscape very well and when I am out in this stuff even tend to see it in BW. I really enjoy being in a place where you can see the distant storms rolling along and if you can see several at once that is icing on the cake. Hope you enjoyed your storms and they caused no harm.

  1. Do you use a colored filter on these black and white big sky shots? I am just learning about those, and I love your black and whites, so curious what you do. Beautiful!

  2. I confess to being a color addict. Most B&W photos leave me cold. But then again, so does Picasso. So go ahead, call me a heretic… But this B&W photo is very appealing to me. I like it a lot. It has a nice, dramatic feel to it. Just this weekend I was playing around with NIK Silver Efex on some of my images, and discovered that a few of them took on a totally different life without the color, became almost a completely different image. So with a better understanding of what appeals to me in B&W, this was perfect timing: love this image, Mike! 🙂

    1. Katrina, thanks for the kind compliment. I am happy with both BW and color and just let the photo tell me what to do, at least with digital. It is fun to experiment with both color and bw and see what you like and if I dare say find a BW style that suits your images. Have fun with it and most important of all have a great day.

  3. Cnawan Fahey

    Hello, Mike & Christine! Hey, I’ve nominated you for the Most Influential Blogger Award. Hope that’s okay. Greatly enjoy your posts.

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