Along the Snake

Along the Snake

Kayaking down the snake river in Grand Teton National Park always presents numerous opportunities to observe eagles and osprey. This immature bald eagle was hanging out in a wonderful old tree along the shoreline in an area with little current allowing me to get a photo or two before I was moved along on my way by the river.

28 thoughts on “Along the Snake

  1. Now that is an awesome picture. I just took a pic of some type of hawk (I call it a Chicken Hawk) from quite a distance, and couldn’t get the detail I wanted. But this is fantastic! Nice post. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Cheers!

  2. I had to look at this one awhile. The turn of the head, looking back is amazing. The features on the head beginning to show white; I wonder how old this Eagle is. It takes five years for the head to turn solid white. Beautiful image and one that evokes emotion! How could anyone look at this image and not be moved!

  3. Handsome bird! The current moving you along must have made focusing and setting up the shot difficult, so I imagine you took quite a few shots.

    1. Hi John, Luckily the current was not too strong where the eagle was perched. I was able to position my kayak and float by at a reasonable pace to bet a few bursts of shots while turning towards to the bird. Holding the camera steady is always a challenge in the boat so I feel lucky to have gotten some nice crisp shots.

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