In The Willows


You never know what you will find hidden in the willows is what this guy was probably thinking when he noticed we were peeking in from the edge of his terrain. It always amazes me just how easy a creature the size of the moose can disappear from your sight with a simple step or two into the willows. Photographed near Cottonwood pass in Colorado.

12 thoughts on “In The Willows

    1. Hi Melissa, It is always fun to run across a big ol’ moose in the willows and having him cooperate for a goto or two is icing on the cake. Hope you are having a great day.

  1. Amazing capture, Mike. A nice, healthy-looking bull. Moose always make me nervous because of the stories I’ve heard about their unpredictable and sometimes belligerent behaviors, usually associated with rut or mother/calf situations. I’ve only seen them twice around here and both times they were running away at top speed!

    1. Hi Eliza, I am always aware of how the moose is behaving when I come across them. If my presence alters their behavior even a little I tend to back off. We did have a fairly long lens on the camera here so we kept a safe distance.

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