22 thoughts on “Mergansers

    1. Hi Cindy, thanks for all you feedback you have provided along the way I have enjoyed having you along for the ride. That photo was taken from a kayak so we could be pretty close as the mergansers swam by. We typically take a 70-300mm nikon zoom lens attached to a nikon d200 body along in the kayak and keep it all wrapped up in a pelican case to try to keep things dry. Wishing you a great weekend.

  1. swedenole13

    I immediately thought, that’s a male in the lead and he’s saying to the two ladies, “Ok girls, follow me, I know the way without directions”! LOL You’ve captured them perfectly, they sit so low in the water you could almost think they are just heads sticking up out of the ripples. ;)…..hope you have a great weekend, and capture more of natures beauty!

    1. Thanks, I have a had time telling male and female apart in the non-breeding season. It is cool how low they sit int eh water and when they want to swim away how quickly and smoothly they get away. Hope you have a great weekend as well.

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