My wife Christy is a master of collecting mushrooms and makes beautiful spore prints with them. We usually scan the spore prints but this time I photographed one. Fun with fungus or maybe fungart for short? Thanks Christy!

37 thoughts on “Sporulating

        1. We use a sturdy paper and the trick is to guess what colors the spores will be. To get around that we do one of white paper and one on black. They do need to be covered as a breeze will cause the spores to blow all over. If you google spore print I would bet there is a video available.

    1. Jane, you should give it a try. Just grab some sturdy paper a nice mushroom and cut off the stem and lay it on the paper and cover with a bowl overnight. You may wan to use both black and white paper as it is sometimes hard to tell the color of the spores.

  1. Wow this photo is awesome, like your others, I enjoy looking through them all! My parents live in a pretty wet area with mushrooms almost year round, I will definitely try this next time I visit.

  2. What a great picture. It made me think of railway lines converging.

    I love hunting for fungi, and have often done spore prints, but hadn’t thought of scanning them to keep them – seems obvious now. So thanks for the tip!

    1. Hi, thanks for the feedback. Making spore prints is fun and also helpful in mushroom ID to determine the color of the spores. We just like looking at them most of all. Hop eyou are having a great day.

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