A Brandt Goose assessing the conditions out at sea on a stormy day on the pacific coast. Not sure if he was looking to fly or swim but he looked around for a minute or two then hunkered down to wait out the storm as the rain fell in sheets.

12 thoughts on “Grounded

    1. Hi and thanks for the kind feedback and taking the time to give it. It is appreciated. I am glad you appreciated the little story and based upon observation it did appear to be a an accurate representation of the situation that day. Hope your day is good and have a great weekend.

  1. And we have all had that moment with weather, wondering if we need to cancel our plans. But I’ve never seen it in a goose (and I’ve watched thousands). Great capture.

    1. HI Jet not sure if he got left behind by the rest of the geese but he was the only goose around that day and the canceled flight stuff hits home for sure. Hope you have a great weekend.

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