White Faced Ibis


A white faced Ibis flying over the reeds looking for their nest. Last spring we came across a large nesting site of Ibis, perhaps 300 in total were hidden in the reeds below. Todays warm weather in Colorado with a predicted temperature of 70 F has me wishing for springtime and the return of birds, but I know better. So until late April, early May, browsing through last springs photos will have to suffice.

41 thoughts on “White Faced Ibis

    1. HI, thee guys are really wonderful to look at so much color and such amazing combinations of colors. We do not get to see them very often so finding a large group was really fun. Hope you are having a great day.

    1. Hi Tammy, we usually don’t see these guys close to home although we did once. But on weekend excursions just a short drive away they can be found in early spring and I have to agree the colors are amazing.

    1. Thanks David, we were both amazed and surprised at the coloration of these guys the first time we saw them as well and it is almost hard to believe your eyes. Hope your day/week is going well.

    1. Hi Melissa, we usually see these guys in the breeding season so the coloration might be enhanced that time of year but regardless it is amazing color. Hopefully as we get wise and restore more of our wetlands throughout the country birds like these might make a comeback. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Eliza, yes it was 70 yesterday and not sure what to make of it. In retrospect every 3-4 years or so we do get a warm spell in midwinter like this and I agree the Ibis is one beautiful bird.

    1. HI Jane, these guys are almost unreal in the colors they display and a real treat to watch. They do not nest in the same locations every year so this may have been a one time chance for us to see so many in one place. Hope your day/week is going well.

    1. Thanks, and thanks for taking the time to give some feedback as we really appreciate it. It was an ineresting photo session as we were battling horrendous mosquitos when we found this small marsh with the Ibis.

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