30 thoughts on “Raven

          1. Denver and although the 70’s we are experiencing are nice we could use some snow in the mountain both for fun and to build the snowpack. It is also easier to put the nose to the grindstone if it wen’t so nice out.

  1. are you sure thats a Raven? The beak looks pretty small to be a Raven’s? Compare the size of the beak to the head. Ravens have a huge beak. Thats what I always use to tell the difference between a Raven & a Crow. Looks like a Crow to me but my eyesight has been known to fool me before.
    No matter,it’s a great shot!

    1. Hi, well…you may have me on this one. I made that assumption based upon having previously seen a few Ravens that day and this guy was very backlight and fairly far away. Hope you are well and it is warming up and the skies clearing up for you this summer.

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