Reflecting Pool 1

reflecting _pool_1

A beautiful thermal pool reflecting what little sun could find its way through the overcast afternoon sky. Yes, there can be color on a cloudy day. On the way back to the Upper Geyser Basin after skiing out to Fairy Falls. Yellowstone National Park, 2015.

20 thoughts on “Reflecting Pool 1

    1. Hi Paula, I did not make the sky BW it was just a grey day except for the wonderful colors in the thermal pool. I especially like the blue as although the water was boiling hot the blue suggests cool and it was indeed cold out there that day.

    1. Hi and thanks for taking time to leave a little feedback. We have visited Yellowstone in winter a couple of times now and the experience is wonderful. Calm, quiet and a stark beauty when it is cloudy, cold and wintery. Hope you get the chance to see it in winter sometime. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Eliza, The few times we have been in Yellowstone in the winter there is always a day like the one int he photo. A very grey sky with just a hint of sun able to shine through random holes in the clouds and still the colors arounds the thermal features shine on. Amazing. Hope your day is going well.

    1. Thanks, for me this is what draws me to Yellowstone in the winter the cold and sometimes very grey skies matched with wonderful thermal pools of vibrant colors. Hope things are going well down under.

  1. The reflection of the sun and the vapor in combination with the blue is what makes this shot stunning for me. Amazing that you have such hot thermal pools there, I thought this would be a “feature” you’d mostly find in Iceland.
    Any idea why the water is so blue? Minerals maybe?

    1. Hi Suzan, Yellowstone National Park has the worlds largest concentration of thermal features on the planet making it a wonderful place to visit in winter. The beautiful pool and variety of colors are dependent both on the minerals in the pools as well as the temperature, which dictates the specific species of thermophillic bacteria which reside in the pool. A great place to visit.

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