39 thoughts on “Hello…Quail Calling

    1. Hi and thanks, if I could paint I would give it a shot but alas my skills are better directed at photography. Thanks for the feedback as we appreciate it. have a wonderful weekend.

  1. We call this “Bachelor Bob is at his post” because he usually gets up on the tallest post to make his announcement. I wonder how long it takes to find success!

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Bacheor Bob is a nice nickname and I can really a Bob in this guy. He was up on a fence n this shot and sometimes we see these guys up in trees calling as well. It is a nice song and one that puts a smile on my face. Hope you have a great weekend.

          1. Yes, being healthy is the greatest good on earth and I should be more thankful and complain less about little annoying everyday things. 🙂

            I’m also very much looking forward to a few free days, much to do (IKEA stuff waits for me to be assembled-> for the “studio”), unfortunately not many plans for nature excursions. Maybe you heard about the hurricane this week here in Europe which caused much damage everywhere and you just want to stay home now. It was really frightening. Between 11-12 on the Beaufort scale. :/

            But you go enjoy you days and bring back many fascinating photos of wilderness! 🙂

          2. Hope you have a fun weekend working on your studio and I am glad you did not suffer immediate damage from the hurricane. We are just entering tornado season in our part of the US but we are usually safe.

          3. Thanks, I think I got a touch of the fear you guys must have with tornados as well. We never have real threatening hurricanes, and no tornados at all. So… phew… no fun. Good that you and your family are usually safe.

    1. Thanks, the telephoto lens is great and being able to see things in your photos that you never knew were there gives me a great appreciation for all the various forms of like and the patterns they take on. Hope you are having a great week so far.

    1. Hi Eliza, maybe we can call this guy Zulu. Which would be a fitting name indeed. It is always fun to get a nice shot which allows you to study the marvelous detail in creatures. hope your week is off to a great start.

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