24 thoughts on “Red Tailed on a Grey Day

          1. Gawd, better you than me! We’re having summer weather in the 80s. Tues. it is supposed to go back into the 60s, more typical for May.
            If it does snow, the photos ought to be definitely interesting! 😉

          2. Wow it has been a while since I have been able to get to comments but now that the semester has ended I think I will be able to get back at it.

            Since that weekend in which it did snow 6 inches in May we have had nothing but clouds and rain. Very uncharacteristic of Colorado, even in the spring.

          3. Send some of that rain our way, we’ve been unusually dry this spring. We could use a good day of rain!
            Are you a student or professor? I know either can be quite demanding.

          4. Hi Eliza, I would do that if I could as we have had plenty for a week or two around here. Things are sure greening up so it is not all that a bad. I am on the professor side of things.

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