10 thoughts on “Round Mound

  1. swedenole13

    One must first enjoy the landscape, then wonder at the anomoly of the crested dunes vs. the mound? Erosion or an upwelling?

    1. Hi LB, sorry for the tardy response, vacation and getting back from vacation took me away from the blog. Thanks for the feedback. The mound is in an area of previous volcanic activity so perhaps its’ shape is linked to that?

  2. Well, that’s cool.

    Hmmm… maybe I want more? The top of those hills in the background? The rest of the mound?

    Still, definitely a worthy shot. Love the textures, the tones (as Photos close to home observed above), and the full-size image is just chock full of detail at 4,000X2,000 pix.

    So, just about pegs the “Sweet” meter at 9.5/10. 🙂

    1. Thanks Patrick, I have several crops of that image and given my mood like them all at time and I can understand you wanting more of the photo. Thanks again and hope all is going well.

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