Curious Cowbird


Curious Brown-headed cowbird checking us out as we march through the forest on a late summer hike. Called a brood parasite for leaving their eggs in the nests of other birds who raise the cowbirds young, but hey, some folks hire a nanny. Parasite, opportunist, adaptive or just being a cowbird?

11 thoughts on “Curious Cowbird

  1. People seem to hate cowbirds, and starlings, and House Sparrows, and pigeons. It seems they do so because they are ubiquitous which means they have adapted well and are prominent in their environments. Kinda like…humans?

    1. HI, the cowbird would seem to be the equivalent Cuckoo in many ways with regards to behavior. In my neck of the woods we do not have Cuckoos and I would sure like to observe them someday. Hope you are having a great week.

  2. Oh LOVE this! I had a book about birds growing up and I remember seeing an illustration of this bird in that book and always found it a funny name for a bird. What I also remember is that they use other birds’ nests – kinda parasitic. !

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