19 thoughts on “Mild Mannered Goose

  1. awesome shot…wonder why this fellow was so calm…we had a flock of geese who used to visit in front of our home for around two weeks in the fall, on a sand bar about 50 ft from shore and they were not friendly, never bothered us but didn’t come close either.

    1. Heather, thanks for the feedback. I am not sure why this guy was so friendly either. Over the course of time I have been chased by geese while out hiking and running several times for just passing by them. Whatever his motive I was thankful for the cooperation.

    1. Glad you could see the humor in the title of the post. I have been chased from behind by flying geese along the local bike path and let me tell you that was an interesting experience.

      1. Their massive psi bites can leave terrible bruises…not a pretty thing! I would have loved to see a video of you being chased by geese, not funny while happening, but AFHV material for sure. 😉

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