Surf Scooter


My first thoughts upon seeing this Surf Scooter (just a speck in that big ocean) hanging out taking on the crashing waves and doing it seamlessly was pure amazement. How can a species be so well adapted to such a crazy environment. Then on second thought I guess they are no different than humans speeding along on a snow covered highway during Monday morning rush hour. Nature finds a way.

16 thoughts on “Surf Scooter

    1. Thanks Jen, those birds are sure amazing ducking under the waves and yes he is small in the photo but I hope it showed what they are up against. Hope you are having a great day and your week off to a wonderful start.

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Lovely. I love watching crashing waves and the critters that survive in them. Like sea turtles. They just flow with it.

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