Sneaking by.


This guy almost got away with it. While we were photographing a bison in front of us this guys came slinking behind us trying as hard as possible not to be noticed but alas we got a glimpse of him in the corner of our eye. He sure was trying hard and the look in his eyes whispered to us…You don’t see me. Yellowstone National Park.

27 thoughts on “Sneaking by.

    1. Hi and yes we got close to this guy but he got closer to us. It was a surprise to turn and around sand see him sneaking right behind us. Made for a wonderful experience. Hope your day is going well and your week off to a great start.

  1. OMG! I never thought of them as slinkers! They’re rather “in your face” here in CA.
    Great posture and image Mike! You’ve given me a new way to think about them! It is a Coyote isn’t it?
    If it’s a Wolf I get the slinking around!

    1. Hi. Yes it is a Coyote and I have seen both slickers and those that are much more bold as well as those who are indifferent and just go about their business. This guy clearly would have been happy getting by without being seen.

    1. Thanks LB. The word slink just seemed to fit. You could sure tell this guy did not want to be seen and would have been happy if he had just slinked on by. Hope your week is off to a great start.

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