32 thoughts on “One quiet morning

  1. Ah, then Mike you would LOVE Gordon Hempton’s ‘One Square Inch of Silence’ project. You can listen to the entire show or one of several short recordings at On Being. Olympic National Park. Breathtaking. (http://bit.ly/1eBlTtn)

    Of course, you probably get something closer to ‘quiet’ than I ever do. Cheers! Beautiful shot, BTW.

    1. Thanks Shannon, I just downloaded the full show episode to listen to this evening after getting a short taste. This is indeed right up my alley. We actually are itching to try some sound recording so listening to this should be a real pleasure. I love the initial definition of quite as being an absence of noise not silence.

      Thanks again for passing this along.

        1. Hi Shannnon, we listened to that interview last night and it was entertaining and thought provoking. I found numerous sound recording by Gordon Hempton available for download and am listening to some ocean sounds as I type this. Thanks again.

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