22 thoughts on “Morning Moose

    1. Hi and thanks for the thoughtful feedback. Many of us share that journey and it is great to be able to be inspired by others work and perhaps inspire others from time to time. Hope you journey is leading you well.

  1. Oh my goodness, she’s got her whole nose stuck in the water. I’ve seen them coming up from this, dripping and with grass hanging out of their mouths and they still look awesome!

    1. Hi and hope your day is going well. We have seen that was well and it is totally cool. We once watched a Mom feeding in a pond with her calf watching on. When the Mom came up from having her head underwater it was amazing how much dripped off her face.

    1. Hi LB and Moose are one of our favorites as well. I like that she has her eye on us but is still cam and unalarmed at out being with her. Hope your doing well and having a nice summer.

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