Moe, Larry and Curly


The leader of this pelican gang we named Moe who seemd to be saying hit the water you numbskulls to Larry and Curly as we paddled by their little island in the Snake river near oxbow bend in Grand Teton National Park.

21 thoughts on “Moe, Larry and Curly

  1. swedenole13

    Ha ha, you are dating yourself. Beautiful picture of the pelicans. A few years ago I was feeding some little red footed gulls on a beach in south Australia and there was one pelican amongst them. After a few minutes of not receiving his share of the food, he waddled up and took my hand in his mouth! Scared the heck out of me, but it did the trick, the bag of food dropped and he made short work of it! 🙂

    1. Yikes, they have one big mouth. In one of the BBC videos they show pelicans gobbling up young Gannets whole so with that image in my mind I would have freaked out to have my hand in their mouth. Great story and probably a great experience in hindsight.

      1. swedenole13

        All I can say is I was not going to argue! My husband took a photo with the pelican standing patiently waiting but he didn’t get the bird in the act of grabbing my arm. I think we were both so surprised and I was a tiny bit frightened. LOL

  2. Love the shot. I still have a tendency to be surprised every time I see pelicans away from the coasts. First time was on a pond in the desert area of southern Idaho. Little buggers really get around. Have not noticed them in the Tetons area. Are they seasonal there do you know?

    1. Richard, I have seen Pelicans in oxbow bend area every times I visit. I am sure it is seasonal as in Denver they appear in late may on several lakes and are gone by early september.

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