Eyeing Berries


This American Robin is eyeing a vine filled with berries all the while eyeing me trying to discern if it is safe to make his move. After a few minutes assessing the situation this guy flew into the vine out of sight but was definitely heard feasting away on this fall bounty.



10 thoughts on “Eyeing Berries

    1. Well that is a good question. In Denver we see Robins spring and early summer then they disappear only to return again in the fall. They then are absent in the winter but I have been told they do not really migrate. Not sure where they go but from time to time on a nice winter day we see large groups of robing gathered in trees.

      1. It is a good question. Do the ones we see daily in winter here arrive from summering in Canada or are they the same ones we see year round? There seem to be large flocks in late Aug. and then again in Nov. so without banding and catch and release research, it is hard to say. I enjoy them regardless!

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