Waiting in the wind


A Red-Tailed Hawk waiting patiently for a meal to appear in the field below on a very windy day. It always amazes me how birds are able to hang on to the smallest of branches even on the most windy of days. Medicine Bow National Forest, WY.

6 thoughts on “Waiting in the wind

  1. We often see these hawks perched as we drive early in the day. They appear to be waiting for the heat and thermals. It would be fun to ride the air.

    Years ago, I got to ride in a two person glider trainer plane. We were circling and noticed a hawk sharing the thermal with us. Very cool to see.

    1. Hi Jim, I have never had the opportunity to ride in a glider but that must have been fun. Especially spring up high with a hawk. I have seen them pretty high up almost just as little dots in the sky.

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