13 thoughts on “Beaming

  1. Lovely!

    Bryce is one of my favourite geological formations anywhere. Oh em gee… I think I shot five or six rolls there. If only slide film hadn’t been so expensive back then, I’d have shot terabytes of electrons. Might have to journey back soon…

    thanks for the beautiful reminder.

    1. Hi Patrick, it is a very unique place and beautiful as well. Just a bit different from the rest of southern Utah. If you go back maybe just a roll or tow of film in addition to the terabytes. You have a way with film.

      1. Thank you. You are most kind.

        Truth is, I don’t even own an operable film camera anymore. Can’t say I truly miss it, or the darkroom. I was always trying to push both well beyond their perceived limits, or traditional intentions. Digital just expanded those limits, by orders of magnitude… which makes the exploration all that much more adventurous and thrilling.

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