Along the Rio Grande


A Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep grazing in the Rio Grande Gorge in NM. These guys were reintroduced to the region around 10 years ago and seem to be doing very well. We were surprised to observe several on recent hike in that area including one youngster grazing along with their Mom.

12 thoughts on “Along the Rio Grande

    1. Hi and sorry for the tardy response on this one. From what I have read they essentially were wiped out from two front overhunting in the 1800’s as well as disease transmitted from domestic sheep which were extensively grazed in these area in the early 1900’s. Several previous attempts to reintroduce them had failed until about the 1980’s when they were reintroduced in significant enough numbers to make it work.

      Hope your weekend was great and have a wonderful week ahead.

    1. Hi David, we hope you do get to see these guys and photograph them as well. There are many spots in Colorado where they are typically present but this was a surprise for us to see them in NM.

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