On Saturday at mid-morning we spotted this Coopers hawk tidying up a bit on a broken old Cottonwood branch. He looked like he has had a bit of a rough time lately with his feathers looking downright scruffy. After a half hour or so of preening his feathers were back in fine order and he was off again hunting in nearby woods.

33 thoughts on “Scruffy

    1. Thanks and thanks for taking some time to give a little feedback. This image was one of those that just seemed to work best in BW due to the lackluster color of the sky that morning and I ma glad you appreciate the BW treatment. Hop your day is going well.

  1. What a gorgeous black and white! I’ve photographed a number of hawks in my riverside backyard this year, and it’s quite challenging to name them! We seem to have a large variety flying the area.

    1. Thanks, I also find identifying Hawks to be difficult given the differences between adults and immature ones. We have two main Hawks nearby Coopers and Red-tailed with are easy but once we get into new terrain with new species it is sure difficult. Hope you are doing great and having a wonderful day.

    1. Thanks, the Coopers hawk is one of the smaller raptors in this area except for the Kestrel and is quite good looking. Thanks for the feedback and tang time to give it. We really appreciate it.

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