If you can’t dive to the bottom of the pond to get a tasty mouthful of greens what’s a dabbling duck like this American Widgeon to do? Simple, steal it form those darn diving ducks like this Redhead. We have watched this behavior many times. The Widgeon follows the diving ducks around on the pond and when they come up they try to steal the divers catch. This time a determined Redhead got away with his mouthful of greens and we all need to eat our greens.

6 thoughts on “Theives

  1. Seattle Park Lover

    I’ve seen a seagull doing the same thing to a marbled murrelet that was diving for fish. The gull would fly over and hover where the murrelet had disappeared, waiting for it to come back up. I never saw it have success that day though. It’s always facinating to watch those kinds of interactions.

    1. HI and agreed that it is pretty darn fun to watch those kinds of interactions. Around here we watch the gulls do the same things to the Mergansers on our local pond. They wait until they dive and then try to steal any crayfish the Mergansers have caught.

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