19 thoughts on “TV News

      1. I understand. My facebook timeline is a mess with people posting and sharing their hair-on-fire stories. I use Twitter a little bit. It is even a constant furious uproar.

        I’ve wondered about posting some observations on WordPress. But, most of what those I follow post is not like that. I wouldn’t want to impose on the peace of that space. Any thoughts?


        1. HI Jim, this is my only contact with the online world and for me it is best to keep things positive and try to inspire. I have considered writing, posting and sharing more controversial or thought provoking writing, links, thoughts, observations many times. I am not sure if a separate page on the blog or a different blog all together would be the best avenue for that.

          We do seem to be going through a tough stretch these days with the volume of information we are exposed to and the rate of change (all facets) increasing exponentially. Seems like we need science (scientific method) more than ever to help us understand our world yet we seem to be casting it aside.

          Humans are a curious species for sure.

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