When Spring Has Sprung

Alone in the marsh with last seasons cattails as his home a Yellow Headed Blackbird begins to establish territory and sing his wonderful Yellow Headed Blackbird song.


A sure sign that spring has sprung. Ladies are you listening?

24 thoughts on “When Spring Has Sprung

  1. Great photos :-). Like Eliza said, the “full-throated capture” is wonderful. It kind of looks like the cattail is curving its gentle ears away because the sound is too intense! I heard some for the first time last spring – loud and weird and somewhat jarring but also very lively and fun.

  2. Really appreciate your sharp eye and great composition skills on shots of nature, wildlife and the changing of the seasons. And since you live in my neck of the woods (I think), it’s good to see shots of place I’m familiar with. It’s also nice to see photos of places I haven’t been. Guess you could say I’m a fan…;-)

    1. Thanks Mike, if Denver is your neck of the woods I am indeed a close neighbor. Thanks for the kind words and thoughtful comments. We really appreciate them and glad to have you riding along with us on our journey. Have a wonderful week.

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