Long Billed Curlew

This was the first time I have had the pleasure to see a Long Billed Curlew and one I will always remember. What an amazing bill these birds have and it is perfectly suited to finding food in the grassy-marshy environments they habit.

This bird foraged in the field for a bit but did not stay around very long. Flying with a bill that long must be a feat in and of itself yet when this bird departed their flight was as elegant as could be.

10 thoughts on “Long Billed Curlew

  1. I have often wondered about the precise patterns and colours on the feathers of birds. If you look at our rainbow lorikeet which is our everyday bird and its riots of colours and your curlew’s earthy tones… well, who cares. They are marvellous.

  2. This is a very frustrating bird in my experience and it is so good to see your photos here. I keep a close eye out (and ear) for these birds down on our local marshes but they are more common in a place I will soon be visiting again in Scotland. However, they are very easily disturbed and it has been impossible for me to get close enough to date to capture a decent photo, even with a 300 mm lens. Maybe I’ll have better luck this year in – here’s hoping I can get a shot or two as good as yours šŸ™‚

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