On a Sunless Summer Day

While camped at the meadows edge I look into a forest half dead.

The beetles’ have had their way.

The clouds got thicker and a late afternoon shower moved in from behind.

The rain came and the skies cleared but the pines in this forest will take longer to return if they do at all.

Ecosystems are dying or being destroyed around the around the globe.

From the polar regions to the tropical jungles to the coral reefs and the grasslands in-between.

We know this to be true.

Yes, there is untold beauty all around, but it’s becoming harder to see when looking into natures mirror on a sunless summer day.

Mt Zirkel Wilderness, CO.


23 thoughts on “On a Sunless Summer Day

    1. Hi Val and thanks. It is sad and frustrating. We know what is happening yet we lack the momentum to make changes. Change will come and perhaps we can reverse or stop the progression of damage we are doing to the non-human world but only time will tell. As ecosystems go so will our species.

  1. I really struggle with Government choices affecting our plant. Even those with good intentions, never quite hit the mark. Never quite go far enough. When expert opinion is brushed aside to make money, drill for oil, build houses…it is painful to think about.

    1. Hi and yes it will be up to us as citizens to really take things further. Greed is a tough thing to work past for us humans and we seem to be alb etc put facts and truth aside when a profit is at stake. We as a species seem to be driving towards the cliff at full speed in a game of chicken. Only time will tell if we were able to hit the brakes in time.

  2. Those scenes are sad. Once invasive species get a foothold, their numbers can become huge. Returning to the former status quo becomes impossible.

    1. Hi Eliza, I currently feel we are loosing the natural world at a pace faster than we can absorb. Not a good feeling to know we might just loose it all in the future. A world without nature is a grim proposition.

      1. Oh, Gaia will survive (she’s done this extinction thing many times before, after all), however, it is we who probably will disappear. We’re signing our own death warrant, fiddling while Rome burns.

        1. I am totally with you that earth will survive and life will go on and everyday it is looking more and more like humans may go extinct. What gets my goat is that we are knowing taking down so many species with us without a second thought.

          I do however hope that humans as a species have the intelligence and strength to change course.

  3. Sad to hear about the beetle kill getting all the way to the Zirkel Wilderness. I found my wilderness passion when I lived in Steamboat Springs in the 80s. I have recently retired and plan on returning to Steamboat during the month of September to backpack all of those old areas again. I will definitely be comparing todays Zirkel to the one I remember from the 80s. I also plan on hitting the Flattops to finally do the Devil’s Causeway, I will do Rabbit Ears to Hahn’s Peak and will probably do something in the Gore Range.

    1. Hi and sorry for the delayed response as we were away from the blog for a bit. The Zirkels are still a great area but do be aware that there is an enormous area in which the trees have been blown down on some of the trails in the Zirkels. This will require much over and under walking from time to time although it is worth the effort. Things in Colorado are not as quiet as they were in 80’s but September will allow you some peace and quiet.

  4. Where there are dollars to be made, and government/leadership (alleged) that only cares about dollars, then change is down to individuals making small changes. The cliff edge is getting closer…

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