In the Aspens

A little flycatcher, a willow or perhaps a yellow or least,  the exact type we are unable to determine sits quietly in the Aspens on a cloudy fall day in SW Colorado. If you are skilled at ID’ing these guys feel free to let us know what exact species you think it is.

8 thoughts on “In the Aspens

  1. Lovely photo! I love flycatchers and correctly identifying can be tough. But I believe this is a Hammond’s Flycatcher due to pattern of dark wash on the sides of the breast and the prominent eyering.

    1. Hi and thanks for ht ID help. Even using several guidebooks we did not come up with a Hammond’s as a prime choice. However after looking at photos posted on the internet a Hammond’s is a pretty clear candidate. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Hi Paul and thanks for your thought. You logic makes sense and anything that makes life easier is the way to go. I call it a empid and get on with getting out to see the birds.

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