In the Wild

Oh the Squirrel. My nemesis in the yard pillaging the bird feeders and outsmarting my attempts to keep them off. In the wild away from the city they are (serious hesitation)  cute and this guy munching a pine cone as the November sky says time to fatten up brought a smile to my face.

22 thoughts on “In the Wild

    1. Hi Jim, we have had a squirrel proof system for the last 8 years or so that is now being breached by the new squirrels in the neighborhood. In the past the we unable to get from the top of the feeder down to the spot where the seed comes out as it was longer than their bodies and they would fall off trying. I think a genetic mutation has occurred making their bodies longer.:-)

      either that or they have just gotten more daring in their attempts to jump and hang on. Maybe I need a squirrel cam to collect evidence.

  1. Vicki

    we used an aluminum heat duck wrapped around a 4 x 4 post elevating a narrow bird feeder with a squirrel baffle suspended above it.. so far successful keeping them out of the feeder.

    1. Hi Vicki, it is amazing the hoops we need to go through to feed the birds and keep the squirrels out. In our neck of the woods I think a few more hawks, a couple of foxes and other predators are needed to keep the squirrels in check. Good luck on your efforts it sounds like a system that works.

    1. Hi Eliza, the population of squirrels in the neighborhood is exploding the last few years with plenty of food found in the trash and on the street with the only predator in numbers being cars.

      1. Yes, it’s not pleasant when your ceiling rains possum wee, though it was not much better when a friend’s ceiling rained honey during a heat wave: there was a hive in her ceiling.

  2. VanMarmot

    It took us two years – and a lot of falling squirrels and bird seed – to develop a squirrel-proof bird feeder cover. The sense of accomplishment was stunning. Then we moved to the country. No more wiley, persistent, fiendishly clever urban squirrels. We sort of miss them…

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