Pacific Oystercatcher

Bringing a bit of color to an otherwise dark and stormy day we observed as a Pacific Oystercatcher foraged on the rock between breaks in the surf.

12 thoughts on “Pacific Oystercatcher

    1. That is a good questioning as all great articles end with the phrase further researches needed so shall this response. Hope you have a great day Jim and off the library I go to do that further research. 🙂

  1. Wow! We have oyster catchers here on the east coast as well, but I’ve never been successful photographing them UNTIL I went to Scotland….and there they were at Orkney Island just posing like they’d been waiting for me! LOL! May be a different variety of the same one here, but it doesn’t matter – they are all wonderful. Great shot!

    1. HI we had a similar experience. Photographing these guy on Vancouver Island was like your initial experiences as they would have none of it However in certain spots along the California coast, especially when they had found a good feeding place it was a piece of cake so to speak. Hope your day is going well and have a wonderful weekend.

      1. Hi, Mike. Yes, similar. In Scotland, on Orkney Island, they were either nesting or doing some birdie activity in the heather right in the middle of the Ring of Brodgar. They couldn’t have cared less that we were there. Not here – they are not so friendly here. Have a great holiday!

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