Passing time

I have always found it just a little more difficult to get excited about geology than the life sciences. Maybe it is how we have come to define life or maybe the story the earth has to tell is just a bit slower and more quiet than others being told these days. However, as we skied our way past stories like thee it was hard not to look and listen with full attention.

A Canyon carved by a mighty river replete with pinnacles and basaltic columns.

Basaltic columns sandwiched between layers of rock, earth and snow.

What looked like a mud encrusted cliff had a story hidden inside…

and yes life does test things out again and again.

21 thoughts on “Passing time

  1. Majestic series, Mike, that I really enjoyed. The immensity and peace, the wonderful words, the images, and then that sweet ending. Outstanding, and much appreciated.

    1. Thanks Jet, we feel lucky to have been able to ski by these wonderful reminders of how our earth works and to see them laid bare is quite a treat and makes understanding the process oh so much easier. Hope your weeks off to a wonderful start.

      1. Geology is a very broad subject.So for it to be of any use to you Mike you’d have to specifically apply it.The pictures in this post look like “columnar jointing”. Which means they are volcanic in origin.Usually basalt which is cooling into polygonal prisms.
        So look up the local geology of the area your in would be the best advice I could give.

  2. I like the idea of life testing things out…I too have a little difficulty with geology, and I love basalt columns – they pop up over and over in the west, and every time, I get excited. I appreciate your writing, and the images!

    1. Hello there and thanks for the kind feedback it is appreciated. Geology is indeed beautiful and perhaps it needs just a bit more time for me than other sciences to sink in.

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