Nothing to see here


A male Ringed Neck Pheasant struts his stuff on a sunny March afternoon. A nice large group sure did add color to the rapidly melting grain field on a late winter day.

For such big birds in open fields these guys always seem tough to photograph. Always moving and understandably a bit skittish.

14 thoughts on “Nothing to see here

  1. Exquisite photo, Mike. Pheasant are so skittish, they are nearly impossible to capture, which is a shame because they are so beautiful. Usually the long grass that they scurry through is an impediment too, not so for this moment.

    1. Hi Jet, it was a good day to see these guys in the early spring fields. No long grass to hide in although they are quite adept at quickly slipping into whatever cover is around and tend to hang out near that cover.

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