19 thoughts on “Little Turtle

  1. Marsha

    Thank you. Excellent timing for me. Smashed my knee cap a week ago, had surgery, and now am in the healing process. I will take heed. You have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Graham

    Hi Mike. Cute little fella. I have a question…from what I’ve seen on TV and in the title of your post, is it common in the US to refer to both land and see variants as turtles? Just wondering as I would call the land ones tortoises so I thought I’d take the opportunity to ask. 🙂

    1. Hi Graham, this guy is in fact a turtle moving from small pond to small pond.We only have a handful of actual tortoise species in the US that I am aware of but we regularly see turtles on land moving from one water habitat to another.

  3. Some friends who live down in SW Virginia have an abandoned peach orchard on their property and when they discovered one late runner day, they found it frequented by box turtles, happily eating the fallen fruit.

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