Eye to Eye


Seeing eye to eye with a Great Horned Owl in the Foothills outside of Denver CO. It is a joy to study the intricate feather colors and variations on these birds. That little horizontal stripe of black feathers in the light brown on this ones ears is truly amazing don’t you think?

72 thoughts on “Eye to Eye

    1. Hi Paula, we knew this guy was in the rocks up on a cliff as it her regular hang out spot. Hope you get to see one in the wild some day. We usually look for a gang of crows cawing loudly as they harass these guys when they find them.

      1. THANK you for your reply, I will never see one of these owls as they are not native to the UK, but I do, however, hear and see Tawney and Barn owls…but oh dear…the building on green fields that goes on now, the disturbance that causes does not bode well for the owls aan their pray, I fear.

        1. Hi Paula, and I second your opinion. Habitat loss is probably the leading cause for declining bird population word wide. I think we might already have enough of us humans on the planet for our own well being.

  1. shungphotography

    Great shot with bright eyes. Owl is the bird I have not had opportunity to shoot. The closest encounter was in a park near where we stayed in Fairbank, Alaska few years ago. How could I not carry my camera with me when I did my morning walk. It was on the tree branch right above me!

    1. Hi, yes I have had similar experiences when the camera was not along for the walk. Hope you get to photograph owls some day and we are always hopping to photograph the Great Grey Owl as we mainly have Great Horned around our area. Have a great day and have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Eliza, it is always fun to see the great horned owls. We have several spots in which we can usually find one or two in our local area but not always. Hope your week has gone well and weekend filled with fun.

  2. Indeed. I love to capture owls. They make it easy for photographers or perhaps because they like to have their picture taken. Beautiful shot.

  3. Oh, an owl! I never saw one in the wild, only in zoos, and they count to my favorite animals, along with sheep, wolves and frogs. Someone some day said, owl would be my “animal totem” – whatever that is, I’m still not sure, though I googled it ;)…

    And I’m jealous that you shoot such amazing pics. 🙂 Nah, not really, I’m glad that you do, but… I just want to do it as well. And together with someone who understands. Anyway, keep on posting, it’s a daily joy. 🙂

    1. Hi those are intense eye and very pure with their intent as you say. Owl are fun to photograph and having those big eyes really does kinda give you a window into their lives.

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