Common Grackle


Announcing their presence with those wonderful squeaky sounds the Grackles are back in town. Isn’t it amazing that when photographed, in just the right light, a bird that looks jet black to your eyes is actually a multi-colored work of art. And eyes as cute as buttons…or are they buttons?

43 thoughts on “Common Grackle

  1. Thanks for showing the myriad colours and highlights on a grackle. I just saw the bird and heard the name for the first time last week – I don’t think we have them in England.

  2. They have some interesting chirps and songs. I was experimenting with recording audio on a grackle last weekend. I haven’t mastered eliminating background noise yet.

    They are very beautiful birds when the sunlight strikes them.

    1. Hi Chris, we hav toyed with the idea of doing sound recording for some time now but have never gotten around to it and learning to collect and edit another form of media in addition to photos is a daunting proposition right now.

      We have recorded some good nature sounds using our phones but they have been few and far between and in very quiet places.

      It sure would be nice to have that place without background noise wouldn’t it.

  3. Grackles are such beautiful birds, but it doesn’t take long before they take over the backyard feeder! They have been in Illinois for about six weeks. I loved them at first, but am ready to see them move on now:)

    1. HI and thanks. Sorry for the tardy response last week as a bit crazy. I was in Texas a few years ago and the grackles were a bit different than the ones we have and even more amazing in their variety of songs and behaviors so I understand you like of them. Hope you are having a good week.

  4. Another bird I never saw before in my life, not even in documentaries on TV. Those colors are wonderful, and did you notice how well they are “composed”? Everything fits beautifully and that’s one of the things which amaze me most about nature: every tiny detail, from the biggest animal over processes happening in vulcanos to the tiniest jellyfish and its survival, fits perfectly in its purpose and is perfectly balanced in all its processes. Just humans interfere with this balance….

    1. Yes, we are all perfectly designed to work in our chosen environment. Every detail in place. Our only problem right now is how rapidly we change our environment it seems.

      1. Hmmm… I’m not really designed to work in my (not-really) chosen office environment. πŸ˜‰

        You meant to include humans in the “we” of “we are all perfectly designed…(…)”, yes? πŸ˜‰
        And you think, changing our environment (too) rapidly results in being totally exhausted and stressed all the time because of the constant need to adapt? I hope I got you right. πŸ™‚

          1. How true. An example: My laptop at work once was a means to facilitate work… sending e-mails, writing texts etc. Portable, small, neat.
            Now: We are getting flooded with e-mails, create numerous useless presentations which no one ever will remember etc. And when my laptop is broken, the network connection fails or anything else connected to electricity goes wrong, I cannot work anymore. In the truest sense of word.

            I think it’s vitally important in our “modern era” these days not to forget (or to learn again) how to live (survive!) without all the (alleged) facilities of the systems we created. But I think I already mentioned this once. πŸ™‚

          2. Suzan, I agree. It is a fine line we now walk with all our technology and as we create more and more faster and faster the system gets just a little less stable at times.

  5. I think these birds are fantastic and yet often overlooked. As you have shown in your photo, their hidden colours can be spectacular!

    1. Thanks David and I am with you on this one. The hidden colors and fun behavior of the grackle is quite a treat. Their larger size makes it appear act as bullies but sometimes you just got to get out of the way of the big guy.

  6. The colours are stunning – a real surprise. I often think the common pigeon’s colours are wonderfully varied and vibrant in the right light, though at a glance, they are just the dull shade we associate with pigeon-coloured.

  7. Grackles are a conflicting relationship in backyard birding to enjoy. They’re indeed gorgeous and add to the musicality of the feeders, but boy do they run off the other small birds and hoover up the seed! Can’t beat the feather coloration though. Great shot!

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