Puffed Out


All puffed out and waiting for the sun to warm things up before hitting the lake to collect bugs.

There were literally billions, well OK, there were a boat load of swallows buzzing around the lakes in North Park last weekend collecting bugs off the top of the water. We went out early one morning to catch the action but it was cold and most of the swallows were hunkered down and puffed out trying to keep warm and the sun to come out.

24 thoughts on “Puffed Out

    1. Hi Paula, these guys seemed to be doing OK with the cooler temps around perhaps it was because there were tons of bogs on the lakes to feed on. I bet cold with a lack of insects would not be a very good situation for these little guys.

  1. Looks very cold! Because I recently watched “Sagebrush Sea” on Nature that I told you about, I recognized these as American Cliff Swallows. So proud of myself! 😉 Did you get a chance to see it?

    1. Hi Eliza, we saw Sagebrush Sea last week on Nature. It was one of the best nature shows I have seen in awhile as it gave a nice complete view of that ecosystem and one that we spend plenty of time in around here. Although the Grouse was the star of the show the supporting cast got plenty of attention as well which I found commendable.

          1. I think they are on for a few weeks. It is worthy of a second look. The camouflage of the hen is quite amazing – one point that stands out as I recall.

          2. It is amazing how they can blend into the landscape so effortlessly. From experience you can walk right by with even giving a second glimpse down.

  2. Swallow Eyes
    © Marcia J. Zeller

    As a swallow sits in an old rotting tree,
    Lovely and sad as a swallow should be,
    The sun’s all shining as he’s basking.
    All the long I’m there asking,
    What is it that you see?
    His wings not bent, but stretched to the extent;
    With the wink of an eye, swallow, dear swallow begins to fly.
    Over the moon and across the sky,
    Up to where the angles sing their sweet lullaby.
    Take my word for it, he whispered gaily,
    I see God’s magic daily.
    There’s an obscene amount of green,
    So many colors to be seen,
    You see,
    But I alone just wallow,
    As a swallow in this old rotting tree.

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