Sharp-shinned Hawk: Accipiter striatus

We have noticed an agile small hawk buzzing around the woods over the last month or so and when we finally got a good look it turned out to likely be this Sharp-shinned Hawk.

These small hawks are very agile fliers and able to ambush their main prey, unfortunately small songbirds, in dense woods. So the next time I see what looks like a hawk streak by in the woodlands nearby I’ll have a good idea who it is.

12 thoughts on “Sharp-shinned Hawk: Accipiter striatus

    1. Hi there, hope the weekend is going well. That is indeed one intense look an awe do suspect this bird was involved with the disappearance of one female robin in the yard sitting on her nest and perhaps for injuring her mate who we have aptly named scar belly for the large wound he sustained.


    1. Yes it is curious how life works creatures eating each other to keep on living. Yet when you drill down far enough in the end the predator and prey (and plants are prey) cycle works quite well when no disturbed.


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