Tomato on a stick

Well not a tomato but a wonderful plump and healthy looking male American Robin giving me the left profile.

Straight on head shot.

And to cap it off the right profile.

Yes a common bird but just consider how much pleasure a common bird gives. A wonderful sight to see, song to listen to and those debates on how a Robin hunts their worms…they are listening, no they are looking.

Hats of to the American Robin.

20 thoughts on “Tomato on a stick

      1. Even I should be able to hear that next time I go out at night to stargaze. Amazing.

        You have proven again that ANYTHING can be found on the internet tubes. Thanks. 🙂


  1. Kit Dunsmore

    I love that you are celebrating one of our more common birds. And what a fantastic series of photos! My husband does a lot of bird photography, and we call this style of shot “bird on a stick” so “tomato on a stick” seems appropriate. 🙂


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