Two of a kind the Monarch Butterfly and its beautiful host plant Milkweed. It is well understood that loss Milkweed results in decreased numbers of Monarch Butterflies. A recent study by Bret Elderd and Matthew Faldyn from Louisiana State University suggest climate change can alter the chemical composition of Milkweed making it poisonous to Monarchs. Climate change, habitat loss and other human activities. Sometimes I wonder when the tipping point will come, if it has no already. Not just for Monarchs but for all life on earth.

For more Monarch Butterfly research articles I might suggest science daily.

8 thoughts on “M&M’s

  1. Great shots!
    So sad! I was taking macro pictures out in a wildflower field here in Illinois the other day and came upon a dead Monarch caterpillar on a Milkweed plant. I actually cried. I’ll be posting that pic in the future and will include the Louisiana State University suggestion, if you don’t mind. I think excessive farm field pesticides are a large part of this sick problem too. We humans are environmental monsters.


    1. Tom, thanks. I wonder if your find is related to the milkweed toxicity described in the article. That would be worth noting. I agree excessive use of pesticides is also a great problem for the diversity of insect life on our planet.


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