Lesser Yellowlegs

Middle August, the songbirds have quieted down, the waterfowl are molting, grass is drying and going to seed. The forest seem quite as we walked around the lake yet to our surprise we encountered this Lesser Yellowlegs. Hard to believe the waders and shorebirds are already migrating south and summer slipping into fall.

8 thoughts on “Lesser Yellowlegs

  1. Nice legs. I don’t get to say that in public. Not pc.

    Last night we watched a PBS program about the outback of NW Australia. It included a part about the shorebirds along the coast. They fly from the Arctic to Australia and back each year over 7000 miles. Impressive. Birds here head south for winter. There, they head north.

  2. Kit Dunsmore

    The migrants are starting to show up here already, too. Noticed it yesterday morning, when I saw a bunch of birds on the lake that haven’t been around all summer, but were common in the spring. I guess we need to get ready for fall.

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