This little guy surprised us by flying down and landing right in front of us while we were walking in a dimly lit forest. We are not sure if it is a Western or Eastern Screech Owl as both are commonly seen in our area and we only got a couple of photos before he flew off further into the woods. A nice little surprise on a summer afternoon.

24 thoughts on “Screech

  1. Kit Dunsmore

    Lucky you! I only have two owls on my life list and would love to get more… only staying up late doesn’t work for me. I guess I just need to take more walks. 😉

      1. Kit Dunsmore

        Owls are extra cool. We’ve been hearing a barn owl in the neighborhood at night but have yet to see it. I keep forgetting and taking my walk after dark instead of at dusk… Good luck finding your great gray!

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