Magpie Monday

This Magpie was just spending some time hanging out on a picnic tale and allowed us to get unusually close. There must have been hidden treasures close at hand which gave us a nice opportunity to take a quick portrait for Magpie Monday.

14 thoughts on “Magpie Monday

        1. Yes, yours are very different and that red eye is something else. Are they really a menace and attack cyclists. Ours are a bit shy towards humans but very intelligent and devious nonetheless.

          1. Yes they can be a menace, but mainly in nesting season. Personally I’ve never had a problem with them and we get heaps around home. Are you on instagram? I have a couple of videos of our magpies on there.

  1. Kit Dunsmore

    I adore magpies. And this is a great photo, because you can clearly see the difference between the blue and black feathers, which is not always obvious when you see them. Nice way to start the week.

    1. Hi Kit, yes that color differentiation is not always obvious and when you see the different colors it’s like a whole new bird. I have also noticed a touch of green an several magpies.

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