A Pikas Song

One of my favorite animals to inhabit the alpine tundra and one I always think of as summer turns to fall is the American Pika. Scurrying about above the tree-line diligently gathering vegetation to stock their winter larder. The Pika is adapted to live year-round in the harsh alpine environment. However tough they may be climate change poses a significant danger to the continued existence of the Pika and in the lower regions of North America have already lost up to 1/3 of their previous habitat to climate change.

It would be a sad day indeed if a hike through the alpine tundra was devoid of a pikas song.

18 thoughts on “A Pikas Song

  1. So utterly adorable and very jealous of you hanging out with these and taking such endearing photos. I have my fingers crossed for the pika and hope that enough people will be conscious of their plight to make a real change to their future prospects.

    1. HI and thanks for the feedback. We do hope we as a species wake up soon to the possibility that much of the life that we currently share the planet with will be eliminated unless we change course.

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