At waters edge

Autumn days spent at waters edge looking across a lake or down the rivers path. Grasses slowly gone from green to gold, clouds have replaced the sun and the winds seem to have picked ever so slightly each day as if to give winter its waking breath.


10 thoughts on “At waters edge

  1. Mike, I enjoy your blog, but am continually frustrated by the lack of information on where you are?? Sometimes a general comment that it is YNP, but more often nothing. Do you have a reason for leaving us in the dark?

    1. Hi Joy, sorry you find it frustrating to not have the location of each photo listed. We feel that the while that is nice to provide at times it is not always necessary to what we wish to say with each post. We don’t always leave out the location on purpose we just don’t feel it adds to the post.

    1. Stephen, thanks for the kind words and your feedback on the blog. We do find we live on a very wonderful planet and hope that sharing what we see can in some way help preserve it. Wishing you a fine weekend and thanks again fro your support of the blog.

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