The Creeper returns.

While the nuthatches and chickadees visit the spruce trees in droves each winter we typically see only one or maybe two Brown Creepers busy foraging in the trees. We suspect they are after the seed that the nuthatches have just hidden.

Easy pickings or are they still searching for insects?

7 thoughts on “The Creeper returns.

    1. According to All About Birds, “In the winter they maintain the same diet of insects and other arthropods, but may also eat small amounts of seeds and other plant materials. Creepers may visit seed and suet feeders.”


      1. Hi jim, we have never seen them directly at the feeder but in the trees around feeders especially when the big group of nuthatches arrive to feed. Maybe safety in numbers and better to be in the flock or just found a nice source of food. I wonder if creepers do eat dead insects left in the trees in winter?


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