A Ravens snack


Perched safely atop a post a Raven enjoys a little snack. Where their meal came from might just have been a recent wolf kill as Ravens and Wolves have formed a relationship in some places as this paper describes. In fact some Ravens have even learned to follow specific wolf groups as they hunt and may even have learned specific hunting calls of certain wolf packs. They know when the dinner bell is ringing so to speak. Anyway we saw this raven enjoying their little snack in an area in which we have heard wolf calls in the past so you just never know, their meal might have been provided by wolves this day.




Have a great weekend.

14 thoughts on “A Ravens snack

    1. Hi Adam, it does seem that we can learn much about what’s going on while out and about by listening and observing the Ravens. We can usually find birds of prey by following Ravens/Crows as well. If you think about it they are able to fly around and see so much more than us earth bound humans ambling along on tow legs. Throw a forest and tough terrain in the mix and out scope of view is fairly limited. It does pay to listen. Hope they lead you to some of those costal wolves around your area. Is the wolf population large or are they fairly dispersed?


  1. Great captures, Mike. I had read that ravens will scout an area and alert wolves to possible prey, knowing once the wolves have done the work, they’ll be rewarded with the leftovers. Pretty smart!


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