American White Pelican


No matter how often and for how long, seeing American White Pelicans on alpine lakes in Colorado and Wyoming, in the Sandhills of Nebraska or just in the City of Denver always seems just a bit odd. One of those things you experience over and over and should register as normal but just isn’t. Anyway, this good looking Pelican is perched on Lake John on a cloudy and cold spring day near Walden, CO.

26 thoughts on “American White Pelican

  1. There’s no telling where some birds settle, even with mans best efforts to make their life harder.

    We have a rookery of Night Herons, same location every year. The old battery (civil war) on the tip of Charleston peninsula. The number one tourist stop, the number one tourist town in the US. Some birds get revenge on the tourist below.

    They are very accurate.


  2. I remember seeing a flock flying overhead and my mate who is native to Colorado saying they were pelicans. I ridiculed him. And then found out that pelicans do, in fact, hang out in Colorado.

    Thank you for this glorious photo!


    1. HI Tracy, it is always a harbinger that spring really has sprung when the Pelicans returned to Denver. It is always a joy to see them circling way up high in the air looking for those small lakes that they make home in the summer.

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  3. When we saw our first White Pelicans on a reservoir in Colorado many years ago, we did not trust our eyes. And even though we have since learned to expect them in our state, each sighting is an unexpected surprised.


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